Leicester City 2 – 0 Liverpool

what a strike
My goodness, what a strike.

What must Klopp be thinking at this point? We didn’t play horrendously, however there is absolutely ZERO initiative going forward.

Liverpool just never look like scoring, do we? Firmino is certainly capable. Benteke is capable. Daniel Sturridge is more than capable. However, Firmino has zero link up from central midfield, Tekkers gets no quality crosses/service, and Studge is just injured all the time.

I’ll never understand how players can make so much money and not be able to get a shot within 10 yards of goal. Enter Jamie Vardy; receives a long clearance, knows generally where the goal is, crushes it first touch goal bound, keeper out of position, goal.

Us on the other hand, we sit on the ball too long (looking at you Mr. Lallana), let the defense get good and set, then let them off completely by shooting into the 30th row. No one (to the best of my knowledge) has ever gotten an assist from a spectator.

Moreno has been in the same position several times this season. He receives the ball on the flank, works his way to the corner of the six yard box, then fires the ball errantly into the stands. He should be either picking out a pass or hitting it low and hard to force a save and/or rebound opportunity for all the players making runs into the box.

I refuse to have a moan about no January transfer dealings. But, anyone still saying LFC are contenders for top four are seriously mistaken. Having already played an excess of 38 matches this season, it is time to give up the top four pipe dream, steal some silverware, and best case scenario, win the Europa League (which I don’t anticipate).

As always, a pleasure to hear the away supports.

YNWA Lads.



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