Ladies & Gentlemen, Touch Yourselves

I’m a touch embarrassed that these videos weren’t brought to my attention earlier, but there’s a super hero helping to save lives. YOUR LIVES! Yes, I’m talking about Deadpool. It’s okay if you don’t know him, the messages still hold great value.

I can’t give it a better intro than to tell you I stole the video from my blog buddy Fearsome Beard‘s website. Join me after the break and continue watching. Your lives, and body parts, hang in the balance.

(NSFW if puns, innuendo and mild language are a work place no-no)

The movie is great, but these messages are better. Knowing your family history and early detection is crucial to a favorable outcome, should your body revolt and try to kill you.

Chances are you were doing this already, but now you’ve got some purpose (and an excuse, should you get caught).

Be proactive about health issues.


-Nurse David (and Deadpool)



2 thoughts on “Ladies & Gentlemen, Touch Yourselves

  1. I’ve been a bit cynical about health promotion lately. We have all these educational videos on, “how to manage your ostomy pouch” and so on. It would be fantastic to have, “Kanye west gets a colonoscopy” or “Here’s Tom Hanks on why managing your sugar Die-ah-beetus is important.”


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