“A Show of Hands”

When discussing a patient’s plan of care with family members it is important to know who is in the audience. By asking for a show of hands of who in the room is a medical professional we can better tailor our explanation of care to their knowledge level.

Always ask the patient if it is okay to discuss their case with the people present in the room first. Qualify who is who, then bring everyone up to speed. It helps to have the patient designate a point person (usually the spouse or health care proxy) so we don’t end up telling and retelling the specifics of the day’s events.

Our time is important. Don’t get side swiped by someone who tells you, “you can talk to me buddy, I’m a doctor, I know things (these exact words were spoken to me recently).”

What kind of doctor are you sir?”

“I’m a chiropractor.”

Your family member had a colon resection, what questions can I help you answer?”

(We could be here a while…)

Protect your time,

-Nurse David


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