Liverpool 3 – 0 Manchester City



Let’s not get too low, and let’s not get too high. Man City were probably hung over, but this was still an impressive win. After losing in the League Cup final on penalties this was the perfect response. It is not a big deal though, we are still in mid-table within shouting distance of a top 5 spot should we hit a good run of form. No current data supports we are capable of that.

As Klopp continues to evaluate and give players opportunity to show their mettle, the ones who remain after this season will take the Cup loss as a lesson. They won’t want to feel that disappointment again and perhaps we’ll see a leader rise from that particular situation. We are currently rudderless in the leadership department.

Boss tha.

It is both refreshing and frustrating to see Klopp take such a logical approach. The rational part of the brain understands it will take time and luckily we have the right man for the job. The irrational part of the brain wants to see an immediate turn around and luckily we have the right man for the job. Unfortunately, both scenarios require varying levels of patience and we won’t know what heights Klopp can take us to until he puts his mark on this summer’s transfer window.

Hang in their fellow Reds, excitement awaits.




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