The Beard Baron Private Stock: Montego

Damn you Baron, DAMN YOU!!!

That crafty Beard Baron is at it again. Montego, a Spring time Mango/Lime scent is (I believe) the third round of Private Stock releases. Private Stock are one time batches of limited edition scents. Once they are gone, they are gone.

UPDATE Review (Mar. 12, 2016): Montego has a very mango-y smell with a hint of lime to it, like you just devoured a fruit salad at a picnic. As with the Imperial and Fireside scents, it gives you 30-60 minutes of intense aroma then mellows and lasts throughout the day. The scent is significantly lighter than Fall/Winter blends (anise, fir, cedarwood, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine, patchouli, sandalwood, bergamot, etc.). However, it doesn’t strike me as a super light/crisp Summer scent. For now, I can live with that. Montego is still available in all forms. Check it out

Even the casual TIAWTL reader will recognize my affinity for Beard Baron products. Simply put, they are quality. When you go to buy any product the cost always comes into play. Do an internet search and you’ll find plenty of cheap stuff you might end up taking a punt on and then spend your time convincing yourself if it’s worth putting in your beard (it’s not).

I have become such a huge fan of the beard balms over the last year. They are a perfect balance of conditioning and hold to make a beard look awesome and I find the scent lasts longer than applying oils. This will be my fourth tin of beard balm and the previous three aren’t even close to being finished (and I apply it daily). I really wanted a new/lighter scent for the Spring and Summer seasons.

The Montego scent is on sale today, March 2nd in oil, balm, beard wash, and mustache wax. There is no telling how long it will last. The first Private Stock Imperial scent (unlit tobacco/amber/cherry) sold out FAST. The Solstice scent (peppermint/vanilla)  you can still purchase in oil, balm, and mustache wax.

-Nurse David




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