Southampton 3 – 2 Liverpool

awe yeah
Our little magician.

As much as I’ve enjoyed moments from this season, matches like this (and Sunderland, etc etc.) have me pining for next season already. Heck, I’m excited about the next transfer window.

After losing today in soul crushing fashion, one has to believe Klopp has a good idea on who he’s going to keep and who’s going to be shown the door this Summer. Martin Skrtel has surely worn out his welcome at this point. Liverpool supporters may seem a bit harsh in their criticism, but the man is a liability.

The Lovren/Sakho partnership had been going surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because we’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a center back defensive pairing to finally click and provide some stability. Could Klopp have put Kolo Toure on instead, sure. Should Skrtel have done significantly better, sure.

And all this nonsense about making top four, it’s not going to happen. We’ve played at least 10 matches more than teams like Southampton this season. We’re currently 9th in the league, three points ahead of CHELSEA, with only a game in hand. Besides vetting out who stays and who goes, our best chance for happiness is in the Europa League, and Dortmund is not going to make that easy.



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