Siege of Dragonspear: The UI

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SoD Title Screen

If you’re into metal, chains, bondage gear, and riding motorcycles, you’re going to adore the new SoD UI. If you don’t like those things, you probably won’t…

***UI Spoilers after the break***


New Voice Sets

I initially resisted the new user interface, it is REALLY dark. A cursory look at the forums will reveal people expressing their love/hate for the new UI. I quickly reminded myself that I am not a modder and would need to, “learn to love it” and honestly, I’m fine with it.

Character Customization

Color patterns as far as the eye can see! Finally we are able to get color combos to perfectly match whatever portrait we choose for our player characters. Although it is a little hard to find the color you are after without a fair amount of trial and error (there’s no way to scroll through one color at a time, you have to slide the mouse very slowly).

Finch Player Character

Believe it or not, this is way better than the UI they had during the BETA. There are lots of tabs at the top, and since I’m not a modder, I can’t really critique the layout other than to say it took a while to find everything again. There is an option to change the font size which allows more info on the screen at the expense of squinting to see it.

InventoryAs you can see in this final pick, I’ve got a two handed sword AND a shield equipped. The new UI allows us to seamlessly switch between a 2H sword or bow to a 1h weapon and shield (or dual wielded weapons). The new UI is full of quality of life upgrades. When you get a new piece of gear, selecting it in the lower inventory will bring up a side by side comparison for you to decide which piece to select.

The new UI is a bit jarring at first, but it really sets a tone for the new game and before I knew it, it had faded into the background where it belongs as I began to focus on the game play.

Even if you are not a modder, there are plenty of ways to customize the way the game looks and feels. If anyone in the community that is a modder would like to share some of the variations they’ve designed, feel free to drop me a line.

See you in the Realms…


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