Liverpool 2 – 2 Newcastle

Good to see you Rafa. Now stop taking points from us!

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before; Liverpool build up a nice lead in the first half, look like extending that lead, don’t extended that lead, then blow it in the second half…

Sunderland, Southampton, and now Newcastle, these are three in recent memory…there are more. We’ve now dropped 19 points from winning positions this season. That’s not to say we’re never going to be caught by other teams, but let’s see where we’d be in the table if we had just nine of those points back.

1 Leicester 34 73
2 Spurs 34 68
3 Man City 35 64
4 Arsenal 34 63
5 Man Utd 34 59
6 West Ham 34 56
7 Liverpool 34 55 (+9)

We’d be tied on points with City (not sure of the goal difference), fourth at worse.

It’s hard to tell just what the hell happened yesterday. Klopp mentioned that the result felt like a loss and I’ll agree with that. We were so bright and relentless in the first half. We could have had more than two and in hindsight needed more than two goals.

Now there is no way we can keep the press on throughout the entire match, but we were absolutely flat in the second half. It felt like the end of the Rodgers era, no forward passes, inviting pressure, no Moreno bombing down the flank, Sturridge completely marked out of the match, no fight. It actually felt worse than the Sunderland draw because there was ample time to mount a comeback that didn’t come.

It’s impossible to lay the blame at the feet of one player, but Mignolet, he’s gotta get to that cross. He had plenty of time if he were capable of making a decisive decision. He’s fantastic when he’s not allowed that time as his reactions are quite good. But the play was a result of losing possession in the defensive third, allowing the cross, and not dealing with it in a decisive manner.

We’ve seen it too many times before. We have four league matches left, let’s play Danny Ward and see what the kid has got. His feet and distribution are better than Mignolet’s.

This summer I want to see two or three BIG signings. Let’s not spend a total sum of $50 million on three players that aren’t good enough and complain the money’s just not there for a proven star. I personally don’t see a need to replace a player like Kolo if he doesn’t come back or Klopp doesn’t want to resign him. Get Ilori and Gomez back into the fold.

Europe is going to be scary this week without Sakho.



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