Special Thanks


I’ve been consumed with my Siege of Dragonspear blog recently and wanted to let everyone know I am still alive!

I have also been busy with work, family, and yard work. Yesterday, I wrapped up a six week mentorship with two SUNY Brockport nursing students.

I still have to pinch myself whenever I have the privilege of working with nursing students. For those of you who’ve met me, you get the joke. The students I work with get a raw and unfiltered experience as we work side-by-side to explore new situations and get beyond our comfort zones to build confident professionals.

I’ve yet to have a bad experience, touch wood *knocks on head*. That did not change when I met Ilona and Dalton six weeks ago. They were the perfect pair; Ilona, quietly confident and Dalton, always eager to roll his sleeves up and get down to business.

The short journey was exhausting at times because I always want to make sure students see and experience as much as possible. I talk a lot to begin with, but at times I struggled to get all the words out as I attempted to tailor the experiences to their needs.

Ilona and Dalton may never work with me again, but I am confident parts of this learning exercise will stick with them for a long time. Should I have the opportunity to work with them again after they graduate, they will both make excellent co-workers.

Thanks for sticking with me and for all the fun I had. The gift card to Dunky’s is much appreciated as well.

-Nurse David



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