Liverpool 3* – 0 Villareal

Full Metal Klopp.

Ain’t nothing you can do about it!  Liverpool advance to the Europa League finals, 3-1 on aggregate.

Holy hell! I got home from work, went to and watched the match. Simply amazing.

That was an absolutely relentless performance. The scary thing was that Studge was far from being on his A-game, but it was plenty good for what I’d categorize as a ‘red-ass beat down.’

I heard him call, ‘bank!’

Villareal has so few chances to put a marker down and pressure the Reds or back them into a corner. Every 50-50, every second ball the Redmen came up with. To be honest, there appeared to be very little thinking outside of, “attack.”

Dirk would have had a field day under Klopp. 

The supporters were absolutely terrific. One of the things that draws new supporters to Liverpool Football Club is the passion and that we can be greater than the sum of our parts. There is a sense of belonging when together we prove we are down for a fight and that anything is possible. What Jürgen has done in his time here is nothing short of amazing.

When Shankly said, “Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool” I get the same feeling with Klopp. The man just, “gets it.” He gets us.

Take a moment and remember the end of Brendan Rodger’s time as manager. Anfield was a mausoleum. Even when Klopp first arrived, it took some convincing. But now, we ride the crest of a wave that Klopp created with his unwavering passion.

Anfield gave me goosebumps tonight. Basel can’t get here soon enough. If it’s silver, let’s lift it!



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