Oh Gloria…

Me and these peonies have a good thing going on this Spring.

…I, feel so much better, I, feel so much better today.

And it’s, not the drugs, and it’s, not the weather.

I just feel so much better today.

Who are we kidding? It is the weather.

My dad will want to punt me across the room if he finds out that I’ve done more yard work this past week than I’ve done in my entire life. This is only a slight exaggeration. The yard is just so much better when it’s your yard.

Sickness hasn’t bothered me as I actually feel better outside digging in the dirt. I don’t know if it is speeding along my recovery, but I can feel myself getting incrementally better.

Money is definitely a limiting factor each year, but I’ve purchased some new perennials and will share when we’ve got some quality blooming going on.


One thought on “Oh Gloria…

  1. Barbara Turkdal

    I can share some, too…some from Grandma’s garden…you know, she was a gardener at heart…. Always trying to grow seeds before summer, in the midst of her already over full hobby list. When she left Portland she brought some Iris. and since, I have bought my own, which have proliferated way too much. If you have need of some tall 36″ spikey leaves that only bloom near Memorial Day, just let me know…..they only need to be dressed up in springtime and maybe trimmed after bloom time….very self containing and maintaining bulbs

    I also have perennial Brown Eyed Susans…just ask ❤

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