Digging In The Dirt: Peonies

Full bloom!

Peony (Paeonia)

  • Type: Flower, perennial
  • Exposure: Full sun to part sun
  • Hardiness zones: 3-8
  • Blooms: Late Spring
  • Height: 2-3′
  • Division: Yes
  • Cost: Inherited. The local nursery has them at $25 for two stalks.

Three years ago my wife, Pooky, and I bought our first house. We inherited quite a few plants. Since the previous owner hadn’t been living in the house for the past three plus years, the only maintenance was mowing. We felt overwhelmed.

“Mayhaps we should pull everything up and just plant grass” my wife Tron wondered.

I had my own thoughts, not too dissimilar, but I wanted to see what would happen after a few Springs. I had no idea what peonies were prior to being a home owner. My criteria for the plants we kept were as follows:

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Hardy
  • Perennial
  • Beautiful

Needless to say, the peonies stayed.

The huge top-heavy flowers benefit from grow-through supports.
Ants love the syrup on the buds and don’t harm the plant.

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