The Cure: Bite the Big Apple


Lost in a forest…(of buildings)…all alone…(with Farley)…

While my concert-going friends Farley, Peter, and Tyson put me to shame by hitting festival after festival this Spring/Summer I will finally join in on the fun this weekend when I see The Cure at Madison Square Garden!

It doesn’t really matter that The Cure haven’t put out an era defining album since Disintegration. It doesn’t matter that Robert Smith doesn’t look like he did in 1985. It doesn’t even matter that the line up has changed several times over the decades. What matters is that The Cure will kick out the jams for close to three hours and they still sound fantastic.

Three hours is a long time for casual fans, but that doesn’t stop them from showing up. However, three hours for the dirty-“whatever I do, it’s never enough”-fans is nothing short of sheer bliss. Especially since The Cure have never varied their set lists like they’ve done with this tour.

The 2016 tour boasts two new tracks, yet to be released, in “It Can Never Be The Same” and “Step Into The Light.” Also…prepare yourself…I’m serious, attempt to keep your pants on…they are playing the b-sides, “The Exploding Boy“, “This Twilight Garden“, “2 late” and The Crow OST song, “Burn.”

Their set lists are all over the place. Sometimes they are Wish, Kiss Me x3, Disintegration (etc etc) heavy. Sometimes the set list includes, “The Hungry Ghost.” I will never understand why they play that song when, “Underneath the Stars” is the best song they’ve written since, “Bloodflowers.”

The Cure continue to be one of those transformative bands, continually influencing new generations of musicians. If there is the remote chance you enjoy their sound, make sure you find yourself at one of their shows (don’t get me started on how they rolled out their tour dates though…).

I ❤ The Cure.


Obligatory set list spoilers below…









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