Burnley 2-0 Liverpool

Look inward Kloppo.

C’MON! Just kidding, I totally expected this. I am sure of it now, the Jurgen Klopp honeymoon is officially over.

There will be no, “Jurgen Out” placards brandished at the next match at Spurs. There will be plenty of, “are you daft to question Jurgen?!” But supporters have to be asking the question, “why was this not a win?”

I am not writing to say I know more than Klopp, at this point I honestly don’t even know if I could build a solid case to lay blame at his feet. What I know, what we all should know by now, is that this Burnley result was expected.

We have a big, yet flawed, win over a team we consider direct competition for top four in Arsenal. Then with a week to prepare, we seem hopelessly lost against a newly promoted side. The squad appear to be nonplussed that a team would allow us to have an excess of 80 percent possession and attempt to hit us on the counter. Yet, that is exactly what happened, and we appeared to be completely unprepared for it.

This is a completely unacceptable result. Whether Klopp is to blame for the plan or the players are to blame for failing to execute is irrelevant. We will not get to within a sniff of the top four until we are able to defeat teams that force us to break them down.

The new thing that has become en vogue among Liverpool supporters is to scapegoat Moreno. Even newer is to defend Moreno. Everyone shares the blame today. Burnley came with a plan and executed it with two quality finishes. They scored on their first two shots (they had three shots total).

Liverpool on the other hand, had over 20 attempts at goal, none of them were of any discernible quality.

Currently I am enamored or disgusted watching the Reds play. A middle ground of sorts, seems no where to be found.





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