Burton Albion 0-5 Liverpool (EFL)

get schwifty
Sadio looks to get schwifty.

As we put another match in the books, we reach for the muscle relaxers to help with the whiplash resulting from our heads spinning from result to result. Liverpool put away Burton Albion on cruise control as we should have done to Burnley in the EFL Cup. I guess Capital One no longer has enough money in its wallet to sponsor the competition.

The one thing everyone will be talking about leading up to the Spurs match this Saturday is  how integral Sadio Mane is to our success. It appears as he goes, we’ll go as a team. He runs as if he is on ice skates, gliding around the pitch, around defenders who struggle just to stay close enough to attempt a tackle. He is just that much faster than everyone else. But more importantly, he’s setting things up on a silver platter. He was involved in FOUR of our goals last night. One shutters to think if we managed to find someone comparable to play on the opposite flank.

Bringing things back down to earth, questions remain. The thought has crept into the collective fan base and players, now pundits (John Aldridge / Stan Collymore), whether or not we should be questioning Jurgen Klopp. Do we have the audacity to question him?

I don’t want to question so much as I want to grasp the situation he’s creating.

  • It appears we rely too heavily on his pressing tactics and have no answer for teams that park the bus. It’s us that are supposed to be counter attacking. You can’t counter attack a bus.
  • He appears to favor certain players, most notably Alberto Moreno. Listen, a good left foot is just so hard to find. We need a player who is not a liability that can put a first time cross in, instead of cutting back on their favored right foot and allowing the defense to get set for the delivery. Klopp is a trainer (versus a buyer) of talent, so don’t expect him to give up on what he has unless a diamond in the rough can be found.
  • Adam Lallana and especially Jordan Henderson aren’t automatic starters for me. Henderson is not even captain quality for me. In his defense, I am hard pressed to label another player deserving of that title. Steven Gerrard’s captaincy speaks for itself. Jamie Carragher had all the qualities you want too; leadership, organization, set an example, reliable quality play, intangible qualities. Henderson has none of those.
  • His signings heavily indicate that he favors attack over defense. Joel Matip (free) and Ragnar Klavan (£4.25m) appear to be serviceable, will they be? Georginio Wijnaldum cannot fill a defensive midfield role. He should be playing instead of Lallana, if at all at this point.
  • He appears to be taking no nonsense with players he deems a distraction. Will that come back to bite him? Apparently Mamadou Sakho is on the verge of a loan. The best information we can gather currently is he needs to regain fitness…on loan. And who the hell knows where Mario Balotelli is currently.
  • There is no discernible evidence that we’ve found any consistency under Klopp.

Whether or not faith should be lost in Klopp is debatable by some (not me, I’m in like sin until the end. What other choice do I have?) the list of gripes is there if people want to focus enough on it. What Liverpool supporters want is their passion reflected on the pitch, not a bunch of disinterested millionaires who can’t break down Burnley because they know their WAGs have slept in on match day. If the commitment reflects our passion, a lot of things will start falling into place.




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