Ethical Writer’s Block

I still stand by my original rule on how to avoid being fire as a new nurse. Let’s recap; don’t divert narcotics, don’t punch anyone, don’t come to work under the influence of drugs or  alcohol.

However, there is another way we can get ourselves into hot water as nurse. Unfortunately, the same reason has been stifling my ability to share my experiences with everyone.

Ethics in nursing…”C’mon Nurse David, I thought were were going to stay on topic.” Oh, it’s topical. Ethics is all around us. We can’t avoid it.

I’ve always drawn a smile when people tell me they will never work in sales. Have you ever tried to get someone to go on a date with you? You are already in sales…

There are some other ways we can get into trouble as nurses. You guessed it; ethical dilemmas. The problem most folks have with ethical issues is that they are not aware there is even an issue, ethically speaking.

For example, we find out a patient knows our mother/father and we go home and tell them patient X is in the hospital. “But that patient told us to say hello to my folks!” Perhaps they did, but they never wanted you to insinuate you took care of them as a patient.

I have had severe nursing writers block because of simple, but ethical issues like this. There is so much I want to share, but I have failed to figure out a way to write about it without compromising my ethical responsibility to keep patient information private enough to avoid the inevitable legalities that would follow.

Some of the recent topics that have been on my mind include:

  • Co-workers
  • Death and dying
  • Styles of management
  • Cost vs. care
  • Leadership
  • Work/life balance

I won’t be asking anyone to write an assay, but hopefully you can appreciate some of the pitfalls I might face attempting to articulate my thoughts on those subjects.

I will eventually find the words. In the meantime, if anyone has any topics or ideas for me, I am all ears!

-Nurse David


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