Liverpool 4-1 Leister City


Perhaps it was a difference in culture, but as we welcomed Leister City to our house warming party for the new main stand, it was Lucas who brought the gift. A moment of madness from the senior Brazilian, Lucas added to the excitement of the day and paired well with Joel Matip as Roberto Firmino ran riot over the champions.

What I loved about this game:

  • Sturridge playing through the center
  • Henderson playing intelligently and distributing from deep
  • Mane and Firmino running the LCFC defense ragged
  • Lallana’s thunderbolt
  • Wijnaldum making runs from deep
  • Mignolet bleeding all over himself for the club
  • Matip bringing a sense of calm the backline
  • Klopp losing his glasses
  • Opponents foolish enough to come out an play an open game

What I didn’t love:

  • Playing it out of the back when we are being pressed to our own byline.

Likely an unpopular opinion:

  • I think we’re less one dimensional with Coutinho out of the line up






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