Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

Nice ups, but no chance…

Friday night football and I was stuck at work. Luckily I had my buddy Mick sending me updates throughout. I resisted the urge to watch any highlights and caught the game well after the fact. What a first half!

If we can start knocking off the bottom feeders in the league we have a legitimate shot at top four this season. There really are no excuses.

Leading up to this match I read a lot of, “Who’s the bigger club” articles. Chelsea supporters will obviously side with their team and rightfully so. The problem is they are awfully selective about what history matters when it suits their arguments.

Chelsea actually were a recognizable club prior to the Roman Abramovich take over in the early-2000’s. Recognizable, but marginal compared to Liverpool’s history of 18 league titles. Chelsea have five, four in the Abramovich era. Chelsea have won the FA Cup seven times, four since the takeover.

This conversation is one that I find amusing. If history matters, then all of Liverpool’s titles and honors matter and they are clearly the bigger club. Liverpool have had multiple decades of dominance to Chelsea’s one. Comparing Champion’s League honors should be enough to end this debate if there even was one.

If history doesn’t matter, both teams aren’t even in Europe this season, so neither fanbase should be having a go at once another.

For me, it’s not, “Who’s the bigger fanbase?” Instead it’s, “Which club still has a soul?”

The answer? Neither, really. Liverpool are roughly outspent by Chelsea 3:2. Liverpool have spent plenty, but it hasn’t been bankrolled by an oil baron. That’s really the most we can say besides the fact that Liverpool supporters have always stuck with their club during the drought and darkest of times (even through the Hodgson year). Can the same be said for Chelsea if their sugar daddy leaves (or ends up in prison)?


YNWA…#SuckItConte #Klopt



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