Liverpool 5-1 Hull City

Magic on demand.

Well lads, a 2-0 or even a 2-1 result would have been welcomed, my word were we treated to something special yesterday at Anfield.

The new hotness among Reds supporters is to comment that Jordan Henderson is back on 13/14. I’ll draw another comparison to that season after viewing this match.

Only the  most fickle of supporters will find fault in yesterday’s 5-1 mauling of the Tigers. The fact of the matter is that in the first half we were ahead in under 20  minutes and on cruise control at half time with a 3-0 lead.

Yes we had one poorly defended corner kick which lead to Hull’s only goal and that should be mentioned in the context that mistakes can be costly. But it had no effect other than to prompt Philippe Coutinho to belt a worldie approximately one minute later to restore the three goal cushion.

In this game, Hull players had zero time to breathe. In previous matches against the lower tier teams, our opposition would clear their lines, have a bit of possession, and all too frequently a chance on our goal. There was almost none of that yesterday.

The Hull City  players had no time on the ball and when they did manage to clear their lines, they were instantly under pressure again. Loris Karius, Ragnar Klavan, and Joel Matip could have had their own tea party, undisturbed for most of the match if they chose.

The comparison to the 13/14 season is that it felt like we played 25% of the match inside the opponents 18-yard box. Players like Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge and Sadio Mane daring defenders to attempt a tackle or keep their arms where they belong, but it would always be too late.

The result of such close quartered play was spot kicks, and plenty of them. If Steven Gerrard wasn’t our de facto penalty taker the season, Luis Suarez would have cleared 40 goals with ease. Yesterday, vice captain James Milner bagged two! It was a thing of beauty.

Places in this squad are coming at a premium and players will have to fight to get games  in. Injuries may creep into the equation as well as fatigue at some point, but one thing is clear. If you are not giving it your all, you will not start. The result, again, a thing of beauty.




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