Swansea 1-2 Liverpool

Hell yeah Hendo!

Another Saturday kick off missed by work. Something’s got to give. Surely I can’t changed career/jobs based on Liverpool’s schedule…can I?

After watching the highlights, this is a perfect game to illustrate just how far we have come under Jurgen Klopp. The staunchest of Liverpool supporters wouldn’t have bet on the start we’ve had.

This match showed Liverpool were far from their best in the first half, recognized the problem, adjusted at the half way point, and did what they needed to secure three points. Klopp took full responsibility for the team’s performance. A year on from his appointment, we know what he’s trying to accomplish. First half, no. Second half, a resounding YES.

Make no mistakes, Swansea had chances, and on a different day could have put four past us. This leads me to my next talking point: Leave Loris Karius the hell alone (#LeaveKariusAlone). He’s played three matches. Three, after breaking his hand. At this point we know what Simon Mignolet is capable of, let’s give Karius a chance before we write him off.


Next, James Milner is not Steven Gerrard, but he’s doing his best. Similar to Gerrard playing right back for England early in his career, Milner is out of position and refusing to be ignored, refusing to allow us to lose. He’s scored four times from the penalty spot and dispatched Swansea with a late spot. His attitude epitomizes what Klopp expects from his players.

Conversely, Daniel Sturridge is a complete contrast to Milner, his attitude an/or body language has to be a factor in him not starting. Roberto Firmino has been fantastic, but he’s also been a model teammate. Has Sturridge?

As someone who identifies himself as a central striker, it clearly frustrates Sturridge when the midfield don’t spot his runs or pick him out when there are options in front of goal. His flippant reactions are cringeworthy and are impossible for Klopp to ignore.

Sturridge has another problem, Danny Ings. Ings’ recovery trail has landed him playing with the U23’s and he’s banging in goals in two’s and three’s. He’s doing everything in his power to make Klopp’s team selection more difficult while Sturridge is doing his best put him off. Competition has proved valuable for us while we are on European exile.

Does anyone else have an uneasy feeling about what might befall our Studge?




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