Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United

Curse you De Gea!!!

International break (which should be banned) is over. Mourinho schools us in another tactical master class. We should look for a goalie as good as De Gea. Will Sturridge force his way into (or out of) the team?

Well done Jose Mourinho. No one saw you crowding the midfield and leaving Zlatan Ibrahimovic on an island while solely playing in long balls and hoping for dubious free kicks around the box. No one.

No that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about Anthony Taylor. He did a decent job today outside of letting Manchester commit one niggly foul after another and only then did he call over both captains to tell them he just wasn’t going to take it anymore. Luckily, in the end, nothing he did had an impact on the result.

A draw was a fair result today. In the bigger picture this was one of the worst Manchester United teams we’ve faced in ages. We played the game to win and they were content with a draw. That’s how far the fear factor has fallen when they turn up on the schedule. A point has become a satisfactory result.

In years past we would play some good football, they would score against the run of play and then proceed to have their way with us. One can’t help but feel we need to take advantage of the tables being slightly turned.

Loris Karius…lad…sort it out. Enough said.

There have been a number of articles this week on, “where does Daniel Sturridge fit in” and, “is Sturridge a Klopp player?” Well…he doesn’t and he’s not. Injuries allowed him to start today and we would have been better off with Divock Origi up top.

Sturridge touched the ball 15 times in the first half, had horrible touch, and I don’t remember him making one run behind the defense. Once subbed, Firmino was breaking the back line to the point he needed to be subbed due to cramping. Emre Can even made a run in behind the defense. Erme Can. Can came up with our best effort to that point, having his snap shot saved reflexively by the brick wall known as David De Gea.

Compounding Sturridge’s problems is his attitude. It’s been three years since Luis Suarez ripped defenses apart at the seems in a Liverpool kit allowing Sturridge unprecedented amounts of space to express his considerable talents. He’s having to earn everything himself now and he’s making it as hard as possible on himself.

Sturridge is either dead from the neck up, or he watched Christian Benteke struggle in Klopp’s system and has chosen to follow the same path from starter to bench warmer. Sure enough, they are two different types of strikers, but neither put the effort required in to succeed. It’s like he’s willing to do anything except what Klopp wants to see him do.

Adam Lallana came off the bench around 60 minutes and we looked like a team transformed. It felt like a failure every time we went sideways or backwards when we had the ball. Danger imminent every time we were in possession of the ball. Excitement enhanced. We never did end up in top gear sadly.

Unfortunately for Sturridge, he is not an essential player for us this season. With no European football and with him being unable to displaced Firmino or differentiate himself from Origi, he’s expendable. It will be interesting leading up to the January transfer window.

Klopp has managed to keep him relatively healthy, by not playing him a lot. Will Sturridge look to force his way out?




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