The Terrifying Reality of Starting a New Job

Module One: Complete

Module Two: Incomplete

Module Three: Incomplete

Module Four: Incomplete

Module Five: Incomplete

Module Six: Incomplete…

Module 18: Incomplete

We used to call it, “syllabus day” back in school. But now I’m a caged tiger. The only way to freedom is to complete all these computer modules. I chip away through one computer training program after another as my new boss does her best to make sure I am not going to pass out.

When I decided to take a new job I thought, “I’m not leaving my old job so much as I’m ready for a new adventure.”

However, this is the part of the adventure where I find out my sword needs sharpening, food is in short supply, and for some reason there’s a puncture hole in the crotch of my armor (you’d think I’d remember that wound).

As my squire runs around fixing my gear, I wait. I plan. I complete the next module. Adventure can wait.

-Nurse David


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