Being Friendly

Many people who know me, perhaps more than they want to, know I can get moody. My mother always tells me to, “never suffer fools.” There are always things that will annoy me, but on a whole, I strive to be friendly and accommodating to the people around me.

Being a male nurse (aka Murse) has come with both advantages and disadvantages.

Initially some female nurses, especially the older mother hen types, did not like me on their turf. I was a guest of high suspicion to them. How could a man possibly be caring and compassionate?

On the other hand, once the mother hens realized my, “suffer no fools” modus operandi I was afforded safe passage through their lands as long as I didn’t step out of line.

We meet new people all the time as nurses. The patients matter, but so do our co-workers. Starting something new or even floating to a unit we are not familiar with is uncomfortable. It is like wearing someone else’s underwear; initially awkward, ultimately it ends up being ours (I’ve never had anyone ask for their underwear back).

Whenever we meet someone new on our turf, be accommodating, be friendly. Make an introduction, let them know what we do, offer to help if they need it.  They may never end up taking advantage of our offer, they may not need to. Sometimes being put at ease is all someone needs to move forward confidently.

I wish I could attribute this last part to someone specifically, but the details have been lost over time. Someone once posed the question to me, “Why should we be nice to people?”

I thought to myself, “oh geez, I have no idea where this is going…”

They replied, “because it doesn’t cost us anything.”

I enjoyed that answer.

-Nurse David



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