Crystal Palace 2-4 Liverpool

Who’s driving the bus?

Are you not entertained!!!???

Questions keep popping up about our defense and a look at just the numbers make us look much worse than we actually have been. There were two series of mistakes that resulted in two goals for Palace. Outside of that, things were quite solid.

Jurgen Klopp doesn’t care what you think of his defense. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, we’re constantly scoring goals. Last season we would create so many chances, maybe even hit the post or crossbar a couple of times, and struggle to score more than one or two goals. Nowadays we’re almost disappointed when we only score four. If Alberto Moreno’s near post thunderbolt goes in and Philippe Coutinho isn’t denied by a ridiculous save, we’re talk about scoring six or seven if Sadio Mane buries that open attempt from eight yards out!

Second, the two goals we conceded to Palace were a series of errors. The first goal involved Dejan Lovren shanking a clearance (or was it an attempt at a back pass) and Loris Karius chose incorrectly to come off his line. Karius was always second favorite to that ball and James McArthur would have still had a lot to do to score because Lovren and Joel Matip were both in close proximity.

On the second McArthur goal, Moreno played Wilfred Zaha too soft, and allowed an unhurried cross to come into the box. McArthur was also played soft, it appeared Lovren was caught unaware he was in the neighborhood and got outmuscled.

These were only two moments in the match however. Hindsight is 20/20, but if Karius stays on his line and Moreno blocks or pressures Zaha’s cross better we’d be talking about how great the defense had been. And for the record, Moreno had a solid game. I still like James Milner in the left back role oddly enough, but if he forces Moreno to improve his game, it’s a win-win.

I’ve never seen so many pundits worried about our lack of clean sheets. On one hand a clean sheet is important, but winning is more important than drawing 0-0.

Worth the fine. Keep it up my fellow Reds!

Things we already knew:

  • Coutinho is amazing with regularity now.
  • Adam Lallana runs his socks off.
  • Roberto Firmino also runs his socks off and scores goals.
  • The Reds are extremely enjoyable to watch.
  • The atmosphere at Selhurst Park was spectacular, we really have the best traveling supporters.
  • Klopp still doesn’t care what you think about his defense.




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