Mo’1: Shave It Off

Step one, Nov. 1, shave it all off 😦

That old time dilemma comes back to haunt me; do I shave it off? The first two to three months of growing a beard in are the worst. I spend most of my time convincing the police I’m not a vagrant or a menace to society. Even my three year old, Pooky, tells me I look horrendous.

If for no other reason, being beardless purely for the shock value is worth it. The initial lack of facial hair and the subsequent mustache are fantastic conversation starters.  Movember is also the time of year I recalibrate my habits and attempt to get back on course for the healthiest lifestyle possible.

For those new to Movember, it’s a foundation based on raising men’s health awareness around the globe. It differs from No Shave November (which is a different foundation) in that men shave their faces on the 1st of the month then grow in, as best they can, a well groomed mustache.

Over the years Movember has become more inclusive by further encouraging women to join in the fun, expanding men’s health awareness to mental health/physical inactivity, and allowing men to contribute by becoming more physically active (and not having to shave their beautiful beards in the process). We still raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

Allocation of funds from Movember 2015 in the US saw 76% of funds raised going to men’s health programs. We raised over 16 million in 2015.


In addition to raising awareness, we also seek donations which fund research and further raise awareness for the cause. It’s a tough act to follow from breast cancer awareness month to testicles and prostates, hooray!

As a nurse and health advocate, I’m happy to see people take steps to lead a better life for themselves and share with the people they love (man or woman). I feel the ability in this day to donate is getting harder. If you are able to do so, I will send you a personalized thank you and be extremely grateful for your support. Depending on how much you donate, I may even sing you a personalized theme song. Think on it…

I’ll touch on all the elements of Movember throughout the month. Personally, this year I’m attempting to feel sexy again. That’s right, it will require moving a lot more to get that sexy feeling back, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Follow my progress at, feel free to ask any questions below, and talk with your loved ones about what matters most.

With love,

Nurse David


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