Mo’6: Liverpool 6-1 Watford

wrecking crew.jpg
LFC wrecking crew celebrate.

It’s getting harder and harder to put the experience into words. Liverpool are playing some of the most exhilarating football under Jurgen Klopp and we now find ourselves atop the Premier League table.

This season differs from 2013/14 in the sense that we are simply blowing teams out of the water straight out of the gate.

It is bittersweet to remember 13/14 because we fell short of the title, but it’s worth another flash back.

Liverpool FC didn’t suffer a loss in 2014 until April 27th against Chelsea. Arsenal had been defeated 5-1, Spurs 4-0, United 0-3, however we also drew 2-2 to Villa, and 1-1 to West Brom. I still have nightmares of Kolo Toure squaring that ball across our own 18 yard box that was intercepted and converted by Albion to drop points that day.

The difference now is that we’re winning tight games (Arsenal 3-4 and Chelsea 1-2) and absolutely shredding the middle and bottom of the table to ribbons. That is a recipe for title contention.

The pundits in the U.K. still can’t seem to get over us only having one clean sheet this season.

The game was done and dusted by the time Watford were able to pull one solitary goal back. The lads were at, ‘training ground’ speed at that point in the game. The point is, the only time a clean sheet matters is when we only score one.

Klopp’s mentality is that we cannot lose when we have the ball and continue to score goals. This system backfires when we either lose concentration and give the ball away, or fail to convert our chances.

In the short time we’ve seen Klopp up close, I’m not sure he knows out to take all the air out of the game and sit on a one goal advantage. It may be heart attack inducing at times, but it sure is fun to watch.




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