Mo’12: Did You Forget To Take Your Meds?

Ugh, it’s the weekend and I am sick. It is just a little post-nasal drip for now, but then what? THEN WHAT?!

When we’ve got a condition that we take medication for, it’s important to remember to take our meds, even when we’re sick.

If for whatever reason, we’ve got a condition that requires we take routine meds, it makes sense to have a routine (I walked face first into that one).

We should put our meds in a place we go every day, like where we brush our teeth or on our bedside table. Keep in mind, we’ll need to be more creative and safe if we’ve got controlled substances or kids that could inadvertently take the medication.

Looks like I need a refill.

Why is it important to take our medication as prescribed? It can keep us from feeling even worse. In the case of a heart, psych, or diabetes medication, it can potentially spare us a trip to the emergency department.

A mediset or pill planner (pictured above) is an excellent way to keep track of what we’ve taken and when to refill our medication.

Also remember if we have a loved one or friend relying on us to help manage their medisets that we check in when they are sick and as often as needed.

Stay healthy friends,

-Nurse David


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