Mo’17: Validating Decisions

Today I attended a symposium on behavioral health. I won’t go over the entire day, but something one of the speakers said struck me profoundly.

Essentially he said that when a system is broken, like health care clearly is in the States, we can’t just simply work harder, longer, or smarter to fix the situation. The system needs to be fixed, otherwise we’re just wasting our time.

Over the past month I’ve been validating my decision to leave the hospital setting and to actively pursue my passion for community health. My employers have invested in me by paying for continuing education and provided easy access to further education to improve my effectiveness.

As a clinical care manager, have a daunting task ahead of me to help our patient population. I am comforted that I have positioned myself among professionals that seem hellbent on utilizing evidence-based best practices as the method to approach the challenge. There is heavy emphasis on every position within the office (and the health system) to be maximizing their contributions by working at the top of their scope of practice. It is beyond refreshing.

I reflect on my work as much as I look forward to the time when everything is familiar and the challenge is no longer, “where’s that confounded button I click to document X, Y, or Z!?”

For now though, it’s time to play Hungry Hungry Hippos with Pooky.

-Nurse David




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