Mo’21: You’re Never Alone


Pretty self explanatory, no? Perhaps not.

As the month wears on I am losing my ability to articulate the way I feel. But when there’s darkness, the cure isn’t more darkness. Think on it.

Awful, horrible things are happening all the time. That’s why for me personally, every time I see a good outcome, it gives me the strength to carry on and be available to help someone else. That’s what pulls me further away from the darkness.

One of those things is suicide. Something as simple as sharing the Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help save a life.

As unbelievable as it may seem, we’re never alone. In the case of suicide, the Lifeline is available when there is no one around to talk or get reassurance from.

Make sure we share our support with the ones we love and keep an eye out for one another. The waters are getting choppy out there.

-Nurse David


Donate to the Nurse David Movember page.




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