Mo’7: Fight Fight Fight!!!

Physical health. It’s important. I am finding it physically difficult to transition from my hospital job to the family practice setting. Humans were not meant to sit in chairs all day and my back is paying for it.

With the amount of distractions and excuses we have these days, it is a constant fight to remain active.

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Mo’1: Shave It Off

Step one, Nov. 1, shave it all off ūüė¶

That old time dilemma comes back to haunt me; do I shave it off? The first two to three months of growing a beard in are the worst. I spend most of my time convincing the police I’m not a vagrant or a menace to society. Even my three year old, Pooky, tells me I look horrendous.

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Movember 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th

Movember breaks the half way barrier, Paris, and Politics

This is not a political site. However, since it is Movember and mental health is something we talk about, we’re going to talk about the effect political nonsense and terrorism has on mental health, specifically, mine.

This post is rated PG 13 for moderate language.

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Movember 10th / Body-for-LIFE: Week Nine


Back in the saddle after being congested for a solid week. This past week, I dealt with post-illness fatigue and soreness on a whole new¬†level after breaking my personal best on the leg press (280 lbs). Then, there was this…

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