Digging In The Dirt

A peony in full bloom.

It didn’t happen all at once, but when I became a home owner, I felt vested in improving my surroundings. No longer did I have to call the landlord if I wanted to do something (or have something fixed).

I have never much been into home improvement though. I grew up in the era of Bob Vila who made every home improvement seem so simple. Well, maybe it is for Bob, but I struggle. The yard seemed…manageable. If I knocked down a wall, it wouldn’t grow back over time. Nature has a way of coming back.

I did however, find great comfort and piece of mind digging in the dirt around my small property. Someone once told me there was something similar to Prozac in the soil. Being outside and in close contact with nature just feels right, it is uplifting.

Through Digging In The Dirt, I will be sharing my journey as a complete novice green thumb. Naturally, I will accept all the help and tips thrown at me! 

-Nurse David