Nursing Rules!

I have always been fascinated by how people think as it relates to their nursing philosophy. I am personally a fan of Betty Neuman’s holistic approach to patient care. I don’t have my own system, but I do have a loose methodology about how I approach nursing. Here is an on-going list of sayings I live by, in no particular order.

-Nurse David

“Nobody dies (Unless they are supposed to).”

“Focus on what actually matters.”

“New grads often tell me they are worried about losing their license (or being put in an unsafe environment). There are three things you should avoid doing: a) Diverting narcotics b) Coming to work under the influence or c) Punch/have inappropriate contact with a patient. If you can’t handle that, you may continue to be afraid for your license.”

“Assess your co-workers too.”

“Take care of yourself, so you can take care of other people.”

“Live to nurse another shift.”

“There are no great nurses without great techs/CNAs”

“Don’t stop moving.”

“It’s extremely difficult to fail if you care and take care in what you do.”

“There is no magical supply fairy that automatically stocks everything we need. Sometimes we need to order more before it runs out.”

“Don’t create work for other people.”

“Serve up the next shift on a silver platter.”

“You only get one back, protect it.”

“Anticipate. Think of the worst thing that can happen to a patient, then prevent it.”

“I signed up for this…”

“Never lie.”

“Go to the bathroom already!”

“Show up on time, be prompt.”

“Leave the drama at home.”

“Know people. Doctors, other nurses, PA’s, dietary folk, techs, environmental service people, unit clerks, social workers, equipment coordinators, volunteers, phlebotomists, respiratory therapist, transporters, PT/OT’s, etc etc.”

“If you have a hard time talking to patients initially, talk out loud to yourself; explain what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, etc. Comfort will come in time.”

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