Mo’17: Validating Decisions

Today I attended a symposium on behavioral health. I won’t go over the entire day, but something one of the speakers said struck me profoundly.

Essentially he said that when a system is broken, like health care clearly is in the States, we can’t just simply work harder, longer, or smarter to fix the situation. The system needs to be fixed, otherwise we’re just wasting our time.

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Mo’15: The Supermoon Ate Mo’14


Look at this handsome devil. No, not Brad Pitt, the mustache!

His upper lip is a lot straighter than my own, making my ‘tache look more like a boomerang.

I’m now comfortable blaming the Supermoon for my sinus cold. It should only be 11-14 more days of feeling crummy.

-Nurse David

Mo’10: Five Stages of Grief

Working on my, “Aldo Raine” mustache!

We would need to be living under a rock to not feel the seismic shock across the States this week. Technically, we’d still feel it, but maybe not know the source. We know the source; the election.

My goal this month was to focus on addressing physical inactivity and its complications. However, addressing the collective mental health of the country had forced its way to the top of my, ‘to do’ list.

Disclaimer: The example below is an example only, not an endorsement one way or the other on the election result. I love talking politics, but it’s not always easy for me. Due to my own personal beliefs, I did  not have a connection with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. If you’re curious about what I do stand for, shoot me a message and we can talk. 

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Mo’9: Have We Tried Love?

There is one thing I miss from the hospital; talking one on one with patients. Believe it or not, the majority of them want to talk about politics or more broadly their beliefs.

There are two things we find out when we discuss politics with other people. Join me after the break and I share my experience and attempt to reinstall some hope into humanity.

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Mo’7: Fight Fight Fight!!!

Physical health. It’s important. I am finding it physically difficult to transition from my hospital job to the family practice setting. Humans were not meant to sit in chairs all day and my back is paying for it.

With the amount of distractions and excuses we have these days, it is a constant fight to remain active.

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