Hey, Big Nose!


All good things must come to an end as I sacrificed by beard. Eating has become surprisingly effortless once more.

The downside to not having a beard is that my lips became instantly chapped. The good news is, it grows back.

The Beard Baron: Fireside, Premium Beard Balm (Review)


The Beard Baron (aka John Diehl) has entered the beard balm game! Why the excitement? His YouTube channel gave me a fantastic foundation for becoming a beardsman and several of the first beard products I tried came from his line; I’ve yet to be disappointed. When I found out he came out with beard balm (in all his signature scents) I asked if I could demo one. He said, “yes.”

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The Beardsman’s Kit: The Scissors


If there is such a thing as the Holy Trinity for the Beardsman’s Kit, it’s comb, brush, and scissors. I suppose if you are never going to grow a beard past an inch long, scissors can be replaced with trimmers. Trimmers, however, are not a part of my kit at all. I’ll explain.

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