The Beard Baron Private Stock: Montego

Damn you Baron, DAMN YOU!!!

That crafty Beard Baron is at it again. Montego, a Spring time Mango/Lime scent is (I believe) the third round of Private Stock releases. Private Stock are one time batches of limited edition scents. Once they are gone, they are gone.

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Movember 12th: The Upper Moustache Line

The Beard Baron is back with a new video featuring a couple of moustache trimming techniques. Keep in mind, these tips are more geared towards folks going for that epic ‘stache look, but you’ll be able to utilize the first tip towards the end of Movember. You might even be able to utilize it now!

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Movember 2nd: Breaking Down Walls

Sales. Most people will tell you, “I could  never work in sales.” What they don’t realize is that basically, life is all about sales and the barriers associated with making the sale. Stick with me here, this will eventually turn into a moustache related post!

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The Beard Baron: Fireside, Premium Beard Balm (Review)


The Beard Baron (aka John Diehl) has entered the beard balm game! Why the excitement? His YouTube channel gave me a fantastic foundation for becoming a beardsman and several of the first beard products I tried came from his line; I’ve yet to be disappointed. When I found out he came out with beard balm (in all his signature scents) I asked if I could demo one. He said, “yes.”

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The Beardsman’s Kit: The Scissors


If there is such a thing as the Holy Trinity for the Beardsman’s Kit, it’s comb, brush, and scissors. I suppose if you are never going to grow a beard past an inch long, scissors can be replaced with trimmers. Trimmers, however, are not a part of my kit at all. I’ll explain.

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